Thursday, April 29, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newletter for Thursday April 29th 2010

Bill Clinton had some words on immigration last night ( video here). Clinton made the point that if we are to save an aging America , we need to increase immigration.More states are eyeing their own anti-immigration legislation – several of them are tied to the same hate group forces that got their way in Arizona . At the federal level, Senate Dems prepare to take on immigration reform regardless of the GOP’s do-nothing stance.An Arizona sheriff has said that he will not be enforcing the state’s ridiculous anti-immigration law. After all, he’ll be sued if he does and sued if he doesn’t. Another Arizona sheriff came out against this crap before it was even law. And add former Bush Administration Homeland Security Sec. Tom “Color Code” Ridge to the list of nationally known Republicans opposing Arizona’s anti-immigration law.READ MORE & ACCESS PAST SHOW BLOGS

Spill, baby, SpillNOAA now estimates that up to 5,000 barrels of oil (210,000 gallons) could be spilling into the Gulf of Mexico each day - the slick could reach land by Friday evening.

My Pet Goat And forget the Charlie Crist story, the real question for the Sunshine State today is why do so many Floridians seem to really love their pets?

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