Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Wednesday April 21st 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Arizona has gone nuts! The state’s legislature has passed one of the most draconian anti-immigration bills ever. Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon has called the measure racist and believes that it will be struck down by the courts if the AZ governor signs it.And now, Arizona has doubled down on crazy as its State House goes Birther! One more time for all you freaks that insist Obama was not born in the US: First, there’s the birth certificate (duh). If for some freaky reason that’s not enough, how about the birth announcement in the Aug. 13, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Advertiser? Still insist upon making an ass of yourself? On the financial reform front, while the Dodd bill is a step in the right direction, Robert Reich explains in simple English how this really should be done. Too big to fail = too big to live. Lobbyists swam the Hill to preserve the status quo for their fat cat masters. Even Republicans can’t resist the public outcry over Wall Street and they begin to soften their Just Say No position to reform. What should Obama say tomorrow? And if the Dems are to be the Party of the People, they need to reconcile their donor issues. Read the full blog here...REP. RAUL GRIJALVA ON AZ NEW IMMIGRATION LAW"Reading between the lines on new Arizona law." See the video here.Arizona Doubles Down on Crazy as Its State House Goes Birther."Just a few days after Arizona lawmakers passed an immigration law that will essentially require anyone who is or looks like an immigrant to carry their proof of residency at all times, the Arizona House voted for a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate and prove his own citizenship status." Full article here.

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