Friday, April 23, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Friday April 23 2010

OMG - I Should just make a separate Blog just to post my Randi Rhodes Newletters - so you don`t have to weed out to find the Blogs I personally write - but in the Meantime -I must spread the Truth here:

It’s Friday, ya bastids!
As the economy collapsed, some SEC regulators were busy downloading porn! And while Obama talked financial reform in NYC bank lobbyists hosted a fundraiser for senate Republicans in DC. Shameless!

On the heals of Donny Deutsch being thrown off the air at MSNBC, New York Magazine wonders if everyone at the cable network is afraid of Olbermann.
VIDEO: The cast of Morning Joe squirms when a guest hints that Olbermann may be the left’s Limbaugh.

FLASHBACK: MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s now infamous “do not publicly criticize our colleagues” memo came on the heels of Joe Scarborough criticizing Olbermann on Twitter.

No funeral for you: Massey Energy tells workers that they can’t have time off to attend services for those who died in the mine explosion. The company is now denying the story, perhaps on the advice of their new politically-connected PR firm. And a former employee that worked at six different Massey mines has detailed their outrageous profits-before-safety practices.

On the lighter side, from their music to their icons like Ron Paul, the Tea Party never fails to entertain!

Arizona’s governor has until tomorrow (Sat) to decide whether to sign or veto that draconian anti-immigration bill. Arizona business does NOT want this bill. Even some big-name conservatives are freaked out by it. Although, as California Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray explains to Chris Matthews, racial profiling can be as easy as spotting the right (or wrong) kind of shoes (video below).