Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Tuesday April 20th 2010

Keep Checking - I do post Personal Blogs up here alot -in the meantime -here is another Daily Newsletter From My Favorite Girl, Randi Rhodes:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Thankfully, April 19th came and went without violence. No thanks to the “gangster government” freaks. By the way, the gun nuts rallying in Virginia yesterday can thank Obama and his fellow ‘socialists’ in Congress for their right to carry firearms in national parks. Gun laws by stateHappy National Weed Day! California may be better known for their medical marijuana dispensaries, but Denver-Boulder, CO now boasts 350 of them! Click here for the real story of how “420” became forever linked with The Pot. Should marijuana be legalized? Can taxing it help bailout cash-strapped states? CNBC actually has a whole section on the topic.Don’t cry for Goldman Sachs – first quarter earnings: $3.46 billion! As we told you yesterday, the GOP has made the idea of financial reform so partisan, that even the Republicans on the SEC voted to let Goldman off the hook. However, the GOP leadership’s lies about the financial reform bill are so bizarre, even Republican Senator Bob Corker debunked them.Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gets gay-baited by a Tea Bagger. Obama is heckled by Don’t Ask Don’t Tell opponents. And a group of retired military officers take aim at school lunches as obesity has become the #1 reason new recruits are rejected.Also, just when you thought that no one had a less accurate of a grasp of American history than Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin sounds off on the separation of church and state. Bad news for Boehner – a new study links habitual tanning with addiction. A beached whale in Seattle had a belly full of trash (BTW, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now roughly twice the size of Texas and is but one of five massive floating landfills). And the latest gossip on Larry King: 50/50 chance that the divorce will be called off. Read the full blog...'Patriot' Dangerous to Government?"CNN's Drew Griffin speaks to three members of the "patriot movement" about their anger toward government." Watch the video here.

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