Thursday, April 21, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Obama @ Facebook / Tea Partiers Gone Wild

Yesterday President Obama spoke at Facebook headquarters. When you’re actually appearing at Facebook headquarters, is it considered bad form to check in at foursquare or to tweet about it? Now the President won’t have to conduct any internal polling to see how the speech was received. He just has to see how many people clicked on the “Like” button. In a related story, at the same time that the President was at Facebook, Tim Pawlenty was appearing at MySpace headquarters. And I think Rick Santorum was at Friendster headquarters. When asked about Paul Ryan’s budget proposal being called “bold and brave,” President Obama said he didn’t think it was “particularly courageous.” Well, you do have to give Ryan credit for proposing the things he did, and then venturing out in public. Ryan got a very hostile reception at a town hall when he defended tax breaks for the wealthy. Yeah, that’s the problem with those town halls—not a lot of billionaires show up.

The new Tea Party conservatives in Congress are being intensely pressured by Wall Street and big business to raise the cap on the debt ceiling. And I’m sure the Wall Street lobbyists are being careful to avoid the phrase “Don’t be an idiot.” The lobbying effort is failing to sway a lot of the Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers. Wall Street doesn’t own the Tea Party Republicans. So Wall Street is going to have to buy them. Republicans being “intensely pressured” by big business isn’t as bad as it sounds. Basically, they’re being threatened with huge campaign contributions if they do as they’re told.

President Obama is blaming oil speculators for driving up gas prices. Obama said there is enough oil on world markets to meet demand. But there isn’t enough money in the world to meet the demand of people like the oil speculators. It’s bad enough that the oil companies are making record profits—at least they actually produce the gasoline. But the people who are making the most money on gasoline are the speculators. They don’t make anything… except bets.

Finally, it turns out that 70 percent of Tea Partiers oppose cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. What a great Tea Party! You get to eat your cake and have it too! The only consistent thing about the positions of the Tea Party people is that their positions consistently make zero sense.
Financial Martial Law' is becoming too tame a term to describe this madness -
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There’s nothing quite like seeing Repub voters express themselves in their own words…

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