Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Budgets & Buffoons

Well, now that the latest budget battle seems to be over, maybe it’s time to search for survivors. The news isn’t as bad as you may have feared. For the most part, the cuts the Republicans got aren’t nearly as damaging as they were hoping for. They were trying to cause the federal government a death by a thousand cuts, but it looks like they unable to get that many cuts in. President Obama actually emerged with more money for education and for Wall Street reform. The President’s “Race to the Top” education reforms gets $700 million in new money. That should help cancel out the Republicans’ race to the bottom.

But the Republicans weren’t being generous. They were just being patient. They have plans to do their damage in the battle for the 2012 budget. And the most complete plan they have at this point is Congressman Paul Ryan’s “Path To Prosperity.” The Path to Prosperity actually has a fork in the path. One branch leads to prosperity. The other branch goes right off a cliff. Guess which branch 99 percent of the American people are on?

They’re calling Paul Ryan’s budget plan a “slasher novel.” Not quite. A slasher novel has to be at least remotely believable. And Ryan’s plan is a lot more mean-spirited than Freddie Krueger ever was. The Path to Prosperity claims that it makes sure the social safety net “does not become a hammock that lulls able-bodied citizens into lives of complacency and dependency.” Now you know who Paul Ryan thinks is responsible for the federal deficit—you, you lazy bum! Hey, I hope you enjoyed your nap in the hammock! It just cost everyone’s grandchildren their entire future! By the way, Paul Ryan voted for every policy change of the last decade that increased the deficit—the Bush tax cuts, the Medicare prescription-drug benefit, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was a lot better at causing the deficit problem than he has been at solving it.

In news of lunatics who at least aren’t in a position to harm us right now, Donald Trump has been doubling down on his birther claims. How can a guy is so full of himself also be so full of bull-#%&? Hey Donald, we all know where you were born. Like George Bush, you were born on third base, and you think you hit a triple.

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