Thursday, October 21, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Who is Ginny Thomas?

We haven’t heard from Virginia Thomas for a couple of days. Maybe Clarence confiscated her cell phone. It’s not likely Clarence did that, though—that would involve making a good decision. The phone call from Virginia Thomas to Anita Hill stirred up a lot of disturbing emotions—kind of like Clarence Thomas himself. You’d think a guy who was best known for the stuff that Clarence Thomas was best know for would work hard to build a resume. Instead, he’s just sat on the Supreme Court like a lump—a lump that votes the wrong way when it comes down to it.
Virginia Thomas likes to go up in front of Tea Party crowds and rail against “Washington elites.” Really, Ginny? You’re working up the Tea Party people against “Washington elites”? That’s like Louis XVI inciting the French peasants against the aristocracy. Or more accurately, like Marie Antoinette doing it. Virginia and Clarence Thomas ARE the elites of Washington. And that’s perhaps the scariest thought of all.

Ginny Thomas runs a far-right, secretive group called Liberty Central. And her husband is part of a far-right, secretive group called the John Roberts Supreme Court. Ginny’s group doesn’t have to disclose its donors. And Clarence’s group makes sure that they don’t have to. Ginny’s political activism could raise serious questions because her husband is on the Supreme Court. (Actually the fact that Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court raises a lot of serious questions on its own.) But with her political activism, and her husband’s place on the Supreme Court, there is definitely a conflict of interest… especially since both of them are so interested in conflict.

In a debate Christine O’Donnell was unable to name a single sitting Democratic senator. Really. Don’t worry, Christine, you won’t be required to know that. It’s not like you’re going to be working with any of these people in the future. Asked to name a Democratic Senator she would be willing to work with, all Christine could come up with was former Senator Hillary Clinton. Actually, I’m a little surprised that she came up with Hillary Clinton. I would think Christine would be more familiar with the work of Hillary Duff.

Randi appeared on the Joy Behar Show last night to discuss Virginia Thomas…

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