Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Bringin` The Crazy

Another day, another batch of rightwing loopy. Last night Republican Congressional candidate Rich Iott defended wearing a Nazi uniform in World War II reenactments, saying his goal is to “educate people.” At least he didn’t use the Nuremberg defense. But then what’s he going to say—“I was just following reenacted orders”? Minority Whip Eric Cantor repudiated Rich Iott. Now Rich is mad at Eric for throwing him under the Panzer. Iott said that Cantor “reacted before he had all the facts. He didn’t know the whole story.” Odd choice of words for a guy whose Third Reich reenactments leave out the Holocaust part. Iott also said his reenactments are “a great outreach to the public.” Yes. I’m sure Josef Goebbels would be proud. Tea Party darling Joe Miller in Alaska has announced that he will no longer answer questions about Joe Miller. I can see why.
The number one problem in Joe Miller’s campaign is Joe Miller. Joe says he wants to talk about the issues. Hey, aren’t you the guy who wants to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and the minimum wage? By all means, Joe, talk about the issues. Joe doesn’t like to talk about how his wife collected unemployment benefits despite his opposition to that, or how he had publicly funded health insurance, despite his opposition to that. He just wants to talk about the things he opposes, not how he benefited from those things. Miller and his wife got state low-income hunting and fishing licenses after he started a $70,000 a year job. And his family of eight children has also received state and federal low-income medical benefits. Miller has said that the nation suffers from an “entitlement mentality.” I would accuse him of the same thing, but it doesn’t seem he’s actually entitled to a lot of the benefits he’s been taking advantage of.

The rightwing rabbi who arranged Carl Paladino’s synagogue visit says he wants to create an “Orthodox Tea Party.” Can there be an Orthodox Jewish Tea Party? I know tea partiers claim that they’re against all pork, but they don’t seem to follow that as strictly as Orthodox Jews do. And I wouldn’t get too chummy with Carl Paladino, Rabbi. Believe me, you do NOT want to be on this guy’s email list.

Stephan Colbert on the GOP’s Nazi reenactor Rich Iott…

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Rich Iott Wears a Nazi Uniform
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