Thursday, October 28, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Taking a Stand (On Someone’s Head)

Hour One Guest: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the election and its most contentious issue, healthcare reform.
Last night President Obama became the first sitting president to appear on the Daily Show (video below). In just his first term, Obama has appeared on The Daily Show, Leno, and Letterman. And nobody wants him to have a second term more than Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Ferguson.
Senator Judd Gregg is comparing healthcare reform to Freddy Krueger. The only way that healthcare reform is like Freddy Krueger is that the Republicans keep dragging it out to scare people. If Republicans retake the House, I just hope healthcare reform will prove even harder for Republicans to kill off than Freddy Krueger is to kill in the movies.
Rand Paul is refusing to return the $2,000 that Tim Profitt, the guy who stomped on a woman’s head, had donated to Paul’s campaign. Is Rand Paul making a stand? Just don’t do it on anybody’s head, OK, Rand? Originally, the Rand Paul campaign said they would return the money. So this is a flip-flop! Hey Rand, if you have flip-flops, give them to Tim Profitt. They would make him less dangerous.’s You Can’t Stomp On Us campaign
John Boehner is going to campaign this weekend with Rich Iott, the Ohio Republican Congressional candidate who enjoys dressing up as a Nazi. Be sure to bring your flanged helmet, John. This could be a sticky situation for John Boehner. Given the Nazi’s beliefs about Aryan supremacy, how would they feel about somebody with the skin color that John Boehner has? Neo-Nazis believe in “white power,” not “orange power.”
Finally, Christine O’Donnell threatened to sue a radio station unless they turned over video of an interview she did Tuesday. Think for a second, Christine. Is there anything you could have possibly done during that interview that would be more damaging to your campaign than threatening to sue over it? O’Donnell’s campaign manager threatened to “crush” the radio station with a lawsuit if they didn’t turn over the video. “Crushing” the radio station is not a viable threat, even from a witch, Christine. Just threaten to turn them into a toad.
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Welcome to third world America, Germany's cheap labor depot...
Just how bad has it gotten for workers in our country? Imagine foreign nations outsourcing jobs to the US for, you guessed it, cheap labor. German automaker BMW announced they are opening a factory in the US and they need laborers. Answering the call are a crowd of skilled workers with advanced degrees who have now been squeezed out of the American workforce thanks to the Chamber's outsourcing death grip on our economy. BMW is paying these workers $15 an hour. In Germany, the same worker would make twice that. Welcome to third world America, Germany's cheap labor depot.

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