Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Randi Rhodes: The Head Stomper Speaks

The man who stomped on the head of a woman outside of a Kentucky Senate debate has been identified as a Rand Paul campaign coordinator. How did they ID him—through the footprints left on his victim’s neck and head? The man’s name is Tim Profitt. Remember that name. If Rand Paul wins, he’ll have a job in Rand Paul’s Senate offices. Maybe he can kick the Xerox machine when it’s not working.Profitt told the AP “that the camera angle made the scuffle Monday night appear worse that it was.” First of all, if that was a “scuffle,” then the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater was a “gun fight.” And the camera angle made it appear worse? I don’t think there’s a cinematographer in the world who can make stepping on a woman’s head look good. Use all the camera angles, mood lighting, special effects, and CGI that you want, it just doesn’t come off well on video. Profitt actually said that he used his foot to keep his victim down because he can’t bend over because of back problems. I’m glad he can’t bend over—he probably would have strangled this woman. Now Profitt is demanding an apology! Of course. Sorry if anyone’s head got in the way of your foot, Tim. Profitt told reporters “I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you.” Do you mind if she waits until her concussion clears up? That way she’ll be able to enunciate better.
Rand Paul’s campaign might be attacking individuals one at a time, but Sharron Angle’s campaign is taking on entire ethnic groups. Sharron has made the most racist campaign ad of all time (video below). And give her credit—it’s her own record she’s beating. Her latest ad, “The Wave” definitely wins the award for most racist ad. (I don’t know if there’s an actual award, but if there is, we should call it “The Willie,” after Willie Horton.) This ad is even more insulting to Latinos than the “Frito Bandito” ad campaign way back in the 1960’s. And at least the Frito Bandito ad campaign was for a product that wasn’t nearly as distasteful as Sharron Angle. All of the bad guys in Angle’s ad have dark skins and are shown in menacing photos. And yes, President Obama is one of them. Of course, Sharron wouldn’t agree that the ad is an insult to Hispanics. She probably thinks that a lot of the people portrayed in the ad actually look more Asian.

Nevada Tea Partier Sharron Angle finds a new racist low with her latest ad…

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The Chamber of Commerce Supreme Court
You need to know this about the Supreme Court. If you think the radically pro-Chamber of Commerce decision reached in the Citizens United case was an anomaly, you'd be wrong. According to a new study by the Constitutional Accountability Center, since 2006, when Justice Alito joined the bench, the Roberts court has ruled in favor of the Chamber 68% of the time. This is an overwhelming increase compared to the 43% success rate of the Chamber under the previous Burger Court during the 1980's. And in cases decided by a narrow 5-4 margin, basically down party lines on today's court, the Chamber was even more successful - walking away with legal victories nearly three quarters of the time. Strikingly, Justice "not true" Alito has never, not even once, sided against the Chamber in a narrow margin decision - thanks for shopping with us, please come again. Its getting worse too. The most recent data, from October 2009, shows the Chamber enjoyed its highest rate of success winning 13 out of 16 cases heard that term. Showing the glaring divide on the court, the more moderate or liberal bloc of Justices only supported the Chamber on 15% of narrowly divided decisions. Unfortunately their opinion has now been drowned out by Chief Justice John Roberts who, with the assistance of his 4 other Republicans colleagues on the bench, have been successful in putting the highest court in the land firmly under the employ of the US Chamber of Commerce. They're now on the payroll along with the United States Congress. Let's see who wins the Employee of the Month award.

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