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Randi`s Homework May 9th 2014



The GOP's Benghazi Conspiracy Platform For 2014: Will Scaring Voters Work For The GOP?
In Other Conspiracy Noise - Ann Coulter Says Monica Should Become A Christian & Bill Clinton Is A Rapist
Flashback, March 1999: Monica Lewinsky's Interview With Barbara Walters
Fed Chair Janet Yellen won’t tell Bernie Sanders whether U.S. is democracy or oligarchy
President Obama: The Rich Are Not Under Attack - But Incolme Inequality In America Is A Very Serious Problem
Anxiety Over Economic Inequality Leaves Door Open For Sen. Elizabeth Warren To Challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016
CEOs Are Getting Hip To Income Inequality; Robert Reic & Nick Hanhauer Explain
Montage: While The Rich Want To Raise The Minimum Wage, The GOP Still Says 'No Minimum Wage Of Any Kind Is Needed In The U.S.'
President Obama and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) Call Out Republicans On Perpetual Obstruction
VA scheduler in Texas claims secondary wait list for appointments was covered up/a>
Sen. Harry Reid: The Koch Brothers Are One Of The "Main Causes" Of Global Warming
Rep. Michele Bachmann rails against a national women's museum
Chris Hayes: Kevin Durant's NBA MVP Speech Was "Rejection Of The Cult Of The Individual And Cult Of Success"
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Conspiracy Week Roundup

Republicans Are Finally Backing Down On Obamacare. Here's Proof.
Meet Right-Wing Media's New Benghazi Hoax Champion: Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy
Playing politics, seven Democrats vote to create Benghazi panel
The Center Ring at the Republican Circus - Benghazi, From Now Through November
Michael Tomasky: Ronald Reagan's Benghazi
Debunk: Fact Checking The Right's Bogus Claims Of A 'Stand Down' Order In Bengahzi
Steve Benen: House GOP isn't investigating a scandal; it's causing one
Ed Kilgore: Letting the Impeachment Genie Out of the Bottle — Carefully!
Michael Daly: The Day Monica Lewinsky Refused To Snitch, And Beat the Feds' Shakedown
Tina Brown: How Monica Lewinsky Changed the Media
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The Worst Of Times, The Best Of Times

Look at the stats: America resembles a poor country
Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country
America Is Declining at the Same Warp Speed That's Minting Billionaires and Destroying the Middle Class
Annie Lowrey: The Changed Life of the Poor - They're Better Off Then They Once Were, But Are Still Far, Far Behind
CNBC survey shows millionaires want higher taxes to help fix inequality
Of the People, by the People: New poll finds Americans finally looking to each other to lead the country forward
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Everyone Wants To Raise The Minimum Wage

How Seattle Agreed to a $15 Minimum Wage Without a Fight
States with the lowest minimum wages
CEO Of Biggest Fast Food Chain Comes Out In Favor Of A Minimum Wage Increase
Even Mitt Romney says: Raise the minimum wage
Nick Hanauer: The Capitalist’s Case for a $15 Minimum Wage
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Politics and Policy

Obama to announce new slate of energy actions to generate jobs and fight climate change today, in California
House Committee Subpoenas Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki Amid Phoenix VA Wait List Scandal
The Secret V.A. Wait Lists That Are Killing Vets
CBO reports U.S. April budget surplus $114 billion
Bill ending NSA bulk data collection moving quickly in U.S. House
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) Rails Against Proposed National Women's History Museum
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Progress in Sports?

2014 NFL draft: Michael Sam signs - with Visa?
'Relentless' Boycott Planned By Evangelical "Christian" Group Against Any Team That Drafts Michael Sam
Nate Silver: The Odds Michael Sam Will Be Picked in the NFL Draft
If Michael Sam goes undrafted, NFL might have a public-relations problem on its hands
In another new recording said to be of Clippers' Sterling, racist claim denied
Clarence Page: Now that NBA has banned Sterling, it's the NFL's turn to ban the Redskins owner
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Thank Your Mother: Americans Mothers' Thankless Work Building an Economy for the Rest of Us
Ken Vogel: Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity plans $125 million spending spree
Cecily McMillan jurors tell judge Occupy activist should not go to jail | World news |
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