Thursday, May 15, 2014

Randi Rhodes: Same as it Ever Was

All these years, and some things are still the same as they've ever been.

Take the mixed-up right wing projection machine. Fox News and Karl Rove are trying to walk back Karl Rove's assertion that Hillary Clinton has brain damage - while promoting Karl Rove's assertion that Hillary Clinton has brain damage. Rove is not a good one to determine who has brain damage. As a regular on Fox News, most of the people he deals with have it already. It's just that in the case of Fox, the brain damage is self-inflicted. I know this much: If rightwing media is obsessed with Hillary's brain damage that doesn't exist, then they're worried about the effectiveness of their obsession with the Benghazi scandal… that doesn't exist.

Meanwhile, the GOP Civl War keeps going. The Tea Party is now trying to take down Eric Cantor. Cantor is Jewish, and he's being treated just like Israel is treated by the rightwing extremists: They'll only allow him to exist for as long as he serves their purposes. Cantor's Tea Party challenger is named David Brat. It's rare that a name is that appropriate, or Eric Cantor's name would be Eric Schmuck.

They still keep sticking their feet in their mouths too. Tucker Carlson did just this week! Carlson said "All of us should be happy about one thing, and it's that for the first time in human history you have a country whose poor people are fat." Great! They won't die of starvation - they'll all just die of heart disease. That takes longer, right?

They're still blind to reality too. Discussing white privilege this week, Bill O'Reilly said "I'm going to have to exempt myself" from having benefitted from white privilege. Do you know what just arbitrarily exempting yourself from white privilege is? An example of white privilege! If there is no white privilege, then how does Bill explain his success? Is there such a thing as blowhard privilege?

And yes - they still want a theocracy on the right, too. Ben Sasse - the Tea Party nutjob - won the Republican primary in deep red Nebraska, which makes him a virtual lock to win the Senate seat. Sasse declared after winning this week, "Government cannot force citizens to violate their religious beliefs under any circumstances." So after the 2014 elections, America will have a Senator that believes Christians are legally entitled to stone gay people to death. Or to be more accurate, America will have another Senator who believes that.

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Even while the right has remained wrong, Randi's still tried to educate her listeners, year after year. Listener Bob from Phoenix, back in Septmber of 2013, was insistant that Randi was wrong about the debt - and it was all President Obama's fault. Not only was Randi right, but as Steve Benen showed just this week, the Federal budget deficit is now on track for a six-year low. These are called facts, Bob. Good luck, listeners - folks lik

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