Friday, May 16, 2014

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Well, after today I will be off the air…gone, disappeared... Gee, I wonder if CNN is going to search for me. I should make some ping sounds during my last show so that CNN can try and trace the path of the pings to figure out where I am. I want the search for me to go on long enough that Don Lemon attributes my disappearance to supernatural causes.

I'm sorry that I'm leaving before those militia nuts in Bunkerville, Nevada leave the Bundy ranch. Maybe I should stick around until they leave. Oh that's right - they're never going to leave. The craziest domestic terrorists in the United States are all sitting in the middle of nowhere, defending the cows of a complete moron. If the FBI had had a plan to bottle them all up, they could hardly have done any better.

I'm also leaving before Donald Sterling - and he's being pushed. The guy is in his 80's. Why does he even want to continue to run the L.A. Clippers? Hasn't he seen enough losses in his life already? By the time a person is in their 80's, they have all experienced many losses. But if you're in your 80's and you've owned the Los Angeles Clippers for 33 years, then you have endured more losses than any person on earth.

I'm also sorry to be leaving before the Republicans sort this whole Benghazi thing out. I'd like to stick around until they do, but I doubt that any of us is going to live that long. The Republicans won't stop with the Benghazi investigations. What exactly do they think they're going to find? Benghazi has been examined more thoroughly than the Zapruder film. Darrell Issa is never going to give up the hunt for the smoking gun in Benghazi. He's like Captain Ahab hunting for Moby Dick...except of course that Moby Dick existed.

So Donald Sterling is digging in to fight to stay for the long haul, the crazies in Bunkerville are already dug in, CNN is never going to let go of the airplane, and the Republicans will be investigating Benghazi forever - and still blaming the Clintons for whatever is going on then. I get the feeling I could come back in 20 years, and nothing will have changed.

In closing, just promise me that you'll remember to vote. Voting doesn't guarantee winning, but not voting guarantees losing. So vote - I'll know if you did or not by whether or not there's an impeachment trial going on in the Senate next year.

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