Thursday, May 8, 2014

Randi`s Homework May 8th 2014


Fox Brings On War Criminal Donald Rumsfeld To Attack Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi
CNN's Jake Tapper Pushes Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC): Why Doesn't GOP Care About Faulty Iraq Intel as Much as Benghazi?
Fox's Laura Ingraham Invokes Benghazi In Discussion Of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
Fox Cuts Away From GOP Jobs Press Conference Until "More Interesting" Benghazi Questions Occur
2014 NBA MVP Winner Kevin Durant To His Mother: "You're The Real MVP"
Jon Stewart's Totally Thrilled We May Get To Relive Clinton Vs Bush In 2016
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Conspiracyland Continued

Republican-Led House Set To Approve New Benghazi Investigation
House Democrats Leaning Toward Boycott Of New Special Benghazi Committee
The Already Asked-And-Answered Questions Fox Wants To Know From The Benghazi Select Committee
New Benghazi Committee Chairman Goudy Wants Hillary To Speak
Hillary Clinton: No Reason For New Benghazi Committee, But GOP 'Calls The Shots' In The House
Brian Beutler: The Right's Benghazi Obsession Is Pure Politics - Here's How You Can Tell
It's Not All Politics - It's Also Graft: Right-Wing Media Cash In On Their Own Benghazi Obsession
Rebecca Traister: Monica Lewinsky Is The Perfect Person To Kick Off The Conversation About Hillary Clinton's Presidency
Insurance Execs Shut Down GOP's Latest Search For Bad Obamacare News
Vox.Com: Sorry, Republicans, Obamacare Enrollees Are Paying Their Bills
Republican-Led House Votes To Hold Ex_Irs Official Lois Lerner In Contempt
Conspiracy-Palooza: House Vote On Former I.R.S. Official Signals 2014 G.O.P. Election Strategy
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America - The Rotting Empire

America's Rotting Empire: Billionaires Galore And A Crumbling Infrastructure
Money Buys Everything These Days: Tea Party Republican Trying To Buy His Way Into Massachusetts Governor's Race
Sen. Bernie Sanders Asks Fed Chair Yellen Whether The U.S. Is An Oligarchy
Annie Lowrey: The Changed Life Of Americas Poor - They're Better Off Then They Once Were, But Are Still Far, Far Behind
Missouri Protesters Arrested After Demanding Their Lawmakers Pass Medicaid Expansions
Missouri's Democratic Governor Jay Nixon Is Desperately Trying To Do Something; Missouri's Republican Legislature Keeps Blocking Him
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Politics and Policy

President Obama: The GOP Says No To Everything, Notes They've Blocked 500 Bills In His Presidency
Surprise! Republican "Pro-Business" Policies Actually Hurt State Economic Growth
The Country's Most Republican Company? The Makers Of Wonder Bread
House Committee Votes Unanimously To Rein In The NSA
Open Internet Backers Stage 'Occupy FCC'
FEC Chairman Warns Conservatives That His Agency's Desire To Regulate Media 'Alive And Well'
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Mother's Day

Meet The Amazing Mom NBA MVP Kevin Durant Was Talking About In His MVP Speech
Study Says A Single Mom's Job Loss May Haunt Children For Years
Rise of the "Glocker Moms": The NRA's Aggressive New Push For Women
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Anti-Gay Paranoia

HGTV Pulls New Series After Report IDs Its Stars As Anti-Gay Activists
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): Christians Shouldn't Be Required To Do Business With Gay People
'Real Housewife' Porsha Williams Apologizes For Her Anti-Gay Speech
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Pew Research Poll: Despite Concerns About Governance, Ukrainians Want to Remain One Country
Incompetence, Adding Up: While MSNBC Focuses on Inequality, CNN Mentioned Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Once Every 6 Minutes
Another Senseless Shooting: In Youth's Death, Some See a Montana Law Gone Wrong
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