Monday, May 5, 2014

Benghazi Buffoonery via Randi Rhodes

A lot happened while I was gone last week…unless you're a Republican pundit, in which case the only thing that ever happens is Benghazi. Now Republicans are claiming that they've found a "smoking gun" memo that links the White House to Benghazi - or more accurately, to the Republicans' own twisted version of what they think Benghazi is. Guys, this has all been gone over. At this point, you're more likely to find a literal, actual smoking gun on the grassy knoll at the site of the JFK assassination. How did everybody miss that for the last 50 years!

Republicans in the House are also calling for new hearings on Benghazi. Really? I wasn't aware those hacks had stopped any of the hearings they're currently holding. Face it, the only time the Republicans in Congress stop their hearings on Benghazi is when Darrell Issa has to use the rest room - and from the sour look on his face, that's not too often. There have been at least seven Congressional committees that have looked for wrongdoing over Benghazi already. SEVEN. If the Republicans had put that much effort into looking for anything else, they would have found it, and I'm including that Malaysian plane, Bigfoot, and a cure for cancer.

On Fox "News" this weekend, Brit Hume got visibly agitated when Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman mocked conservative obsessions with Benghazi. Hey Fox - if the truth upsets you so much, then don't have people who actually know the truth on your shows. Really, when you have people from the real world on Fox News, it just breaks up the fictional narrative that Fox works so hard to create. It would be like if the Star Wars movies were periodically interrupted by George Lucas appearing on screen and saying "You guys realize that this is all just made up, right? Chewbacca is just an actor in a costume."

Meanwhile, Cliven Bundy's supporters are still hunkered down in Bunkerville, in the Nevada desert. The ranch and the area around it are full of gun crazies who drove from all over the country to take part in this circus. If the FBI has any kind of sense, they'll document all of them - it's literally a self-selecting group of the most dangerous domestic terrorists in the country. I don't know where the next Timothy McVeigh is coming from, but odds are good that he's on the Bundy ranch right now.

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