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Randi`s Homework May 7th 2014


North Carolina State Level House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-NC): We Must 'Divide And Conquer' People On Public Assistance
Hardball: Media Is Now Calling Tillis The 'Establishment' Candidate? If 'Establishment' Means Extremist, Then Yes.
GOP Candidate Tillis: Talking About Raising The Minimum Wage Just Shows A 'Defeatist Mentality'
Bill Nye Smacks Down S.E. Cupp & Heritage Foundation's Nicolas Loris On Climate Change
Fox's Krauthammer On Climate Change: "I'm Not Impressed By Numbers. I'm Not Impressed By Consensus" (Or Obviously, Facts.)
Lynne Cheney Suggests Hillary Approved Monica Piece To 'Get It Out Of The Way'
Fox's 'The Five' Dives Headfirst Into Hillary And Monica Conspiracy Theory
Jon Stewart: And Justice For Some - Wall Street Versus Occupy Wall Street; The Scales Are Balanced Now!
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GOP Civil War, Primary Edition

Tom Tillis Wins North Carolina GOP Senate Primary
Next Up For Tom Tillis? A Political Conundrum
John Nichols: Voters Say "Yes" To Walter Jones, The Republican Who Said "No" To Wall Street
Boehner Wins Primary In Ohio, Despite National Unpopularity Among GOP Base
Tea Party Takes Hit In Primary Test
Ed Kilgore: Challenging The Republican Establishment Narrative
The Republican Party Is Reining In Its Primary Debates To Take Control Of The Crazy
Charlie Crist Says He Became A Democrat Because Of GOP Racism
Michael Tomasky: What Happens If The GOP Takes The Senate? A Nightmare.
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America's War On The Poor

Republicans Block Hearing On Long-Term Jobless Benefits
Greg Sargent: For Republicans, 47 Percenter-Ism Is Back! And So Is Shaming Poor People!
Flashback, April 2014: Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) To Fast Food Worker: "Raising The Minimum Wage Wouldn't Be Right"
Flashback, March 2014: Governor Mary Fallon (R-OK) Bans Raising Minimum Wage And Sick Day Expansion
Flashback, January 2014: 10 States Premptively Ban Minimum Wage Increase/Sick Leave
Matthew Yglesias: Teachers Get An Appreciation Week, Lawyers Take Home $70,000 More Per Year
Related: We've Made Huge Progress On The Long-Term Debt. Can We Work On Jobs Now?
Peter Van Buren: The American Empire Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes Right Here At Home
Robert Reich: The Six Principles Of The New Populism - And The Establishment's Potential Nightmare This Fall
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America vs. Nigeria: Privilege vs Terror

The New Republican Hero - A White Male Princeton Freshman: "Why I'll Never Apologize For My White Male Privilege"
Dear Privileged-At-Princeton: You. Are. Privileged. And Meritocracy Is A Myth.
Katie McDonough: "I'll Never Apologize For My White Privilege" Guy? Is Basically Most Of White America
Mary Elizabeth Williams: Hey Kid - Who Asked You For An Apology Anyway?
Privilege Deniers & The Pending Implosion Of The 'Check Your Privilege' Movement
A Classic Essay (1990) - Peggy McIntosh: White Privilege - Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack
Meanwhile, More Girls Kidnapped, While White House Sends Specialist To Help Recover Kidnapped Girls
Who Is Boko Haram? Questions Raised, Even As U.S. Joins The Hunt For Missing Girls
Why Can't They Find The Girls? Here's Why.
Kidnapped Girls Highlight Nigeria's Many Security Challenges, Even As The World Economic Forum Spends Three Days In African Nation
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Conspiracyland: The Monica Truthers

Monica Lewinsky's Hard-Won Perspective, 16 Years Later
Ruth Marcus: Monica Lewinsky Did Hillary Clinton A Big Favor This Week
Fox News Has An Exciting New Vanity Fair/Hillary Clinton/Monica Lewinsky Conspiracy Theory!
Is Hillary Behind Monica Lewinsky Story?
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Our Illegitimate Supreme Court

New Poll: Americans Think The Supreme Court Is Political, Closed Off, And Got Citizens United Wrong
Study: Justices More Likely To Support Free Speech They Agree With
Paul Waldman: The Difference Between Liberal Justices And Conservative Justices
Thanks To Roberts' Court, Nebraska Town's Anti-Immigration Rule Stands, But Furor Persists
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Injustice In America: Occupy Protestor Cecily McMillian Gets 7 Years In Jail
Study: On Climate, Republicans And Democrats Are From Different Continents - And Tea Partiers Are On Par With Climate Change Deniers In Pakistan And The Middle East
Three-Drug Cocktail Used In U.S. Executions Is Banned From Use On Animals, Says Report
Study Shows Liberals Eat At P.F. Chang's, Conservatives At Cracker Barrel; And Other Fun Food Facts
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