Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Randi`s Homework May 6th 2014


Fox News Will Only Show White House Presser If Benghazi Is Discussed
Fox's "Judge Janine" Pirro Demands That Obama Be Impeached
Fox's Benghazi Obsession Even Extends To The Weather
Former Bush Administration Official And Retired U.S. Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Blasts Repubs For Insane Addiction To Benghazi Versus Cheney's War Crimes
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) Refreshes Ronan Farrow's Memory On Who Cut The Benghazi Security Funding
Flashback, Oct. 2012: Republican Rep. Jason Chavetz Of Utah Admits He Rejected Increased Funding For Consulate And Embassy Security
Jon Stewart Rips Fox's 'Hypocritical Outrage And Sanctimony' On Benghazi
George Will Warns Republicans On Benghazi: 'Remember How That Backfired With The Clinton Impeachment In 1998'
Local Nevada TV Reporter Accosted By Right-Wing Radio Host Pete Sentilli At Bundy Ranch: 'You Don't Deserve 1st Amendment Rights'
Crazy Iowa GOP Candidate For U.S. Senate Pledges To Literally Shoot Obamacare Dead
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A Real Issue To Be Freaked About

New Climate Change Report Details Dire Effects In Us
Major New Climate Change Study Finds U.S. Is Already Widely Affected
The Official U.S. National Climate Assessment Findings
Extreme Weather Is Getting Worse: The NCA's Look At Recent Extreme Weather
The NCA's Future Outlook: Future Weather Will Be Much Worse, Unless...
Bad News: Less Than 24 Hours After Virginia Oil Train Spill, CSX Corporation Allows 8000 Ton Coal Trail To Derail In Maryland
Good News: Koch Brothers Getting Sued By Petcoke Contaminated Low Income Area Of Chicago
Koch Brothers Decline Invitation To Debate Climate Change
More Good News: NV Energy In Nevada Announces $600M Plan To Replace Four Coal-Fired Power Plants With Natural Gas And Solar Energy Facilities
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The Latest Benghazi Freakout

Congressman Warns New Benghazi Committee Could Cost 'Tens Of Millions'
Sec. Of State John Kerry Will Not Testify In Benghazi Hearing On May 21
The Latest Benghazi Freakout In Ten Sentences
Election-Year Benghazi Probe Is Risk For Both Republicans, Democrats
Flashback, Oct. 2012: Republican Rep. Jason Chavetz Of Utah Admits He Rejected Increased Funding For Consulate And Embassy Security
Related: Remember What Happened Last Time, Republicans? Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair With President Clinton
Dave Weigel: Republicans Want To Impeach President Obama For Benghazi - But They Fear They'll Look Crazy Doing It.
CBS News Asked Nexis To Delete Transcript Of Discredited Benghazi Report
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On Your Knees: The Right's Latest Attempt At Theocracy

Insanity In The Court: Roberts' Court Rules Constitutional Seperation Of Church And State Is Unconstitutional
The Supreme Court Just Blew A Gaping Hole In The Wall Of Separation Between Church And State
The Supreme Court Got It Wrong On Prayer At Public Meetings
A 'Frustrating, Disingenuous' Supreme Court Ruling
Study Confirms: The Roberts' Version Of The U.S. Supreme Court Will Defend Your Right To Free Speech - But Only If It Agrees With You
Steve Benen: If He Could, Clarence Thomas Would Turn Back The Clock - And Allow States To Set Up Their Own Official State Religion
Geoffrey Stone: God Save This Honorable Court
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Health Care Checkup: Obamacare Is Healthy, While The Right-Wing Is...Not

New Gallup Poll Decimates Conservative Media's 'Uninsured-By-Obamacare' War Cry
The Heritage Foundation's Accidental Guide To Everything Going Well With Obamacare
Tennessee State Republican Senator Compares Obamacare To The Holocaust
Bad Move Republicans - Red States Like Obamacare More Than You Might Think
Study Confirms: Romneycare Saved Hundreds Of Lives; Obamacare Likely To Save Lives Too
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Who Exactly Benefits From A Minimum Wage Hike? Take A Look.
Recent History: Senate Republicans Filibuster Minimum Wage Hike
Five Big US Internet Providers Are Slowing Down Internet Access - Until They Get More Cash
NYC Mayor De Blasio Unveils Plan To Create 200,000 Affordable Housing Units By 2024
Sovereign Citizen's Teen Son Kills Two 'Alaska State Troopers' Reality TV Stars In Dispute Over Sofa
On Oklahoma Botched Execution Lawmakers Says 'I Don't Care If They're Fed To Lions"
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