Thursday, February 23, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Last Licks

Yesterday I said how much I missed the Republican debates. And about a minute into last night’s debate, l I remembered how much all of these people annoy me. Hmmm... maybe that’s the only reason I missed them. It was like going through a two-hour root canal—from four different dentists who are all incompetent jerks.

Debates are where Newt usually stands out... just like a pimple stands out in a certain light. Last night Newt crowed that “Not once did anybody in the elite media ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide.” I’ll tell you why they didn’t ask—because it never happened. The vote Barack Obama cast back in Illinois no more legalized infanticide than the healthcare reform act legalized euthanasia. Oh, that’s right—you claim that that happened too. And another thing—the media did not ignore the issue. Obama’s vote was covered by many media outlets, including CNN. The facts are out there if you want them, Newt. But then, the facts are the last thing you want.

Everyone wanted to pile on Rick Santorum. And that is an uncomfortably gay image for Rick Santorum to have to mentally deal with. The other candidates tried to portray Rick Santorum as a big spender. That’s not easy to do when there are other guys on the stage who own five homes, or have had a half million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s. At one point, Ron Paul called Rick Santorum a “fake.” Rick said “I’m real. I’m real.” That’s certainly true... it’s the scariest thing about Rick Santorum.

A lot of statistics over the last few months have indicated that we’ve finally turned the corner on providing jobs. But the number one statistic that tells you we’re beating unemployment is this number—at last night’s GOP debate, Rick Santorum mentioned jobs zero times. Hardly anybody talked about jobs last night. That, more than anything else, tells you that the jobs are out there.

Overall, it seemed boring and pointless, and full of people you don’t really want to hear talking. It was just like any other night on CNN.

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