Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Randi Rhodes: GOP Freak Out

The Republican punditocracy seems to think that the Super Bowl car industry ad with Clint Eastwood was an ad for President Obama. Hey, the ad was upbeat, optimistic, and hopeful—it sure didn’t have anything to do with the Republicans. Republicans, you’re the ones who have turned your back on everything that’s good about America. So don’t complain when such things are automatically associated with your opposition. Incidentally, Clint Eastwood himself said the ad had nothing to do with Obama. Clint said “It was meant to be a message about just about job growth and the spirit of America... I thought the spirit was OK.” Sorry, Clint, but anything about growth is definitely not OK for Republicans while Obama is still president.

Karen Handel, the Susan G. Komen VP who spearheaded the move to oust Planned Parenthood, has resigned. Good riddance—it’s kind of like Komen has had a tumor removed. Let’s hope they recover. So long, Karen! I’m sure you have a bright and prosperous future at some Koch brothers-funded think tank.

DEVELOPING: California's same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional

It’s Election Day in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri—kind of. Seventy delegates are up for grabs. You can grab them, but you can’t take them with you The RNC sent out a memo reminding reporters that all of today’s contests are “non-binding.” Hey, if those were the candidates of my party, I wouldn’t want to be bound to any of them either.

The Republican Secretary of State in Indiana has been convicted of voter fraud. This guy shouldn’t be working for the state of Indiana—he should be working for a Republican election campaign! Republicans have spent so much time crying “voter fraud” when there was no voter fraud, I guess they figured they would have to create some on their own. Under Indiana law, any public officer convicted of a felony must be removed from office. So... how are there any Republicans in office in Indiana at all? Governor Mitch Daniels said he would put the convicted Secretary of State back in office if a court reduces his conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor. Amazing! Mitch Daniels is actually looking for a technicality so he can allow a convicted criminal to serve as Indiana’s Secretary of State! Really, Mitch? Wouldn’t it be easier to find a Republican who isn’t guilty of a crime? Oh, maybe not.

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Mitt Romney went on rightwing radio yesterday to make it clear that he's fully on board with the GOP's war on women...

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