Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Randi Rhodes: He`s Baaaack!

Darth Cheney has once again emerged from the shadows and this time he’s just figuratively shooting his friends in the face. In his new memoir, Cheney is trying to rewrite history. Good God, can’t this man be satisfied with having already screwed up history itself?

Irene has passed. But the aftermath of Irene could be even worse. And by the “aftermath of Irene,” I mean Eric Cantor. Cantor is saying that there will be no disaster relief without budget cuts. What exactly is Eric Cantor’s function? To say the things that John Boehner is actually ashamed to say? Cantor is literally trying to use the flooding as a way to take people’s Medicare and Social Security away. He’s worse than people who go out looting after a disaster. He claims we should operate like “any family when it is struck with disaster.” I don’t know about your family, Eric, but in mine we don’t use the disaster to strong-arm other family members. If Eric Cantor’s home was on fire, would he refuse to let the firefighters extinguish the blaze until they had agreed to give their pensions and health insurance? It’s going to take a while for the floodwaters to recede. Don’t even bother waiting for Republican intransigence on flood relief to recede.

Of course, Rush Limbaugh also weighed in on Hurricane Irene, which makes sense—one blowhard talking about another. Rush said that “Obama was hoping that [Hurricane Irene] was going to be a disaster” so that Obama would have “another excuse” for the economy. First of all, Hurricane Irene IS a disaster. But then Rush doesn’t count bad things in blue states like Vermont as disasters.

Turning to unnatural disasters, now Michele Bachmann claims that her comments that the hurricane and earthquake were messages from God were just a joke. Michele said “I have a great sense of humor.” Michele, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a great sense of humor, just because people laugh at everything you say. And if a deadly hurricane is still in the process of killing people, it may be a little too soon to use it as a joke premiss. Here’s a little factoid for you, Michele: if you have to tell people that you have a great sense of humor... chances are that you don’t have a great sense of humor. Besides, Michele, if you want to be funny, you need to have a straight man. You don’t even have a straight man for a husband.

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