Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Flak from Both Sides

An American fighter plane crashed in Libya overnight (left), with both crew members being safely rescued. The cause of the crash is believed to be mechanical failure, which makes more sense than the conservative theory that President Obama ordered the pilots to ditch the plane because he does not believe in American exceptionalism.

Incidentally, the military name for the operation in Libya is “Odyssey Dawn.” I don’t know if that’s the best choice. Wasn’t the Odyssey about an endeavor that ended up taking ten years longer than the participants thought it would?

There are complaints from both the far left and the far right about the constitutionality of the operation in Libya. Of course, the far right doesn’t think it’s constitutional for President Obama to do anything… including to be President. President Obama sent a letter to Congress saying that he does have the power to authorize the strikes. But then if Fox News is right, and the president is on vacation, maybe he didn’t send a letter. Maybe he sent a postcard from Rio: “I do have the right to authorize military strikes of limited duration and scope in the national interest. Wish you were here! Love, Barack.”

In the War At Home, people need to wake up to the implications of Michigan’s martial law bill for financial emergencies. The thing about “financial emergencies” is that they can be easily created, should anybody actually want one. And this bill gives the governor a reason to want one. Besides, it’s never really a financial “emergency,” unless there’s a guy at your door ready to break your kneecap. The recall drive in Wisconsin is ahead of schedule. The recall for the Republican Senators, that is. Governor Scott Walker can’t be recalled for a year. But then by the time he is eligible for recall, they’ll have everything ready for him, right down to a packing box for his personal effects. Michigan is the Wolverine State. Wisconsin is the Badger State. And right now they’ve both got weasels in charge.

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Flashback 1986: President Reagan announces strikes against Libya. You’ll note that he cites the UN Charter, but not a Congressional resolution… because he didn’t have one.

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