Monday, November 8, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Can`t Keep a Good Man Down

Great to be back on in NYC! Thank you 1600 WWRL!
NBC Universal has announced that Keith Olbermann will return on Tuesday, after being suspended for two working days. Olbermann was suspended for making political donations of $7,200 to three Democrats. $7,200! The Koch brothers give so much to Republican causes that they probably spend more than $7,200 on check printing fees. Fox News doesn’t suspend people for making political donations. The people at Fox News give more money to Republican politicians than they do to their own 401K plans. In a sense, having Republicans in power is the savings plan for people at Fox News. Besides, Fox News personalities don’t have to give money to Republican politicians. All of the Republican politicians ARE Fox News personalities.

The newly elected Republicans are crystal clear that they want to slash government spending. The part that isn’t quite so clear is what specific items they intend to cut. I have a feeling that Republicans aren’t ever going to tell you what they’re going to cut. You can just find out about it when your Social Security check bounces.

Total spending on this year’s election was over $4 billion. So in some ways it was like an economic stimulus program. What did we get out of it? We would have been better off building $4 billion worth of “bridges to nowhere.” Yes, those bridges would be useless, but Rand Paul is beyond useless. $4 billion! The budget for the “Cash for Clunkers” program was only $3 billion. Of course, when you look at the people who got elected, this election was just a different type of “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Finally, Florida Governor Charlie Crist is considering a posthumous pardon for Doors’ singer Jim Morrison on indecent exposure charges from 1969. Go for it. Really, nothing Jim Morrison could have exposed in Miami in 1969 could be nearly as disgusting as what elderly guys in Speedos expose in Florida every day now.

The new film Inside Job aims to expose the freaks behind the economic collapse of 2008. It is now playing (or soon will be) in a theater near you…

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3 millions jobs in India - not the US!!
You need to know this about President Obama's trip to Southeast Asia. He says it's an effort to open up markets to India - the world's largest democracy - and for the Wal-Mart executives with him, that's true. They want to sell more stuff made in China in India in their retail stores, and are frustrated that Indian law only allows one company to own two retail stores. They're using Obama's prestige to get that law blown up. Additionally, Obama is there selling the only things we still make in the US - military hardware and airplanes. He says that will create as many as 54,000 jobs in the US, because, he says, the Indian consumer market is so large. But we no longer make consumer goods in the US! Meanwhile, the President is also bringing with him more than 200 business leaders - including leaders from Wal Mart. As Wal Mart CEO Michael Duke points - more than 3 million jobs can be created in India if he can get their laws changed. That's 3 millions jobs in India - not the US. Likewise, Honeywell already operates a facility in India employing 11,000 low wage engineers and scientists. Honeywell CEO David Cote says his company has moved American engineering jobs to India because India has "superior engineering". What they really have is cheap labor. Obama's simply continuing the insane free trade policies of Reagan, both Bushes, and Clinton. And, as long as they continue - your jobs will continue to vanish overseas.
Do you think Obama's Asian trip will lead to more American jobs? Tell us here.)

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