Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turn on the Lights! vis Randi Rhodes

Hang on - Cliven Bundy has a few things to say about "the Negro." As you may have already guessed, Bundy is not blasting the Supreme Court for its gutting of affirmative action. No, any time that someone uses the phrase "the Negro" to begin their diatribe, you know that either this is a very racist person...or that this is the year 1925.

Among other gems, Bundy asked if black people are "better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things." Well one thing is for sure—people like Cliven Bundy would be happier if they were slaves. Bundy wonders "…are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom." Maybe these "Negroes" should take lessons from you Mr. Bundy on how to properly take advantage of "government subsidy." They should be out there grazing cattle on government land for free! Clive Bundy is a great one to talk about people taking advantage of government subsidies. Bundy took advantage of free cattle grazing — that’s a government subsidy that doesn’t even exist!

Predictably now, a lot of Republicans are trying to back away from their earlier support of Cliven Bundy. They really shouldn't be runing away from him. What Cliven Bundy said is what many of them really believe on the right. Bundy was essentially expressing the same sentiment that Chief Justice John Roberts did in the ruling on affirmative action. It’s just that John Roberts is a lot more eloquent.

Speaking of the Court, conservative media is still trying to spin the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action as a blow against "reverse racism." And you need spin to do that, since it’s the reverse of the truth. The National Review Online called the decision "a resounding win for the good guys." That’s true enough, for people who think "good" is synonymous with "white." In the old westerns, the "good guys" were the guys in the white hats. In today’s conservative code words, the "good guys" are the guys in the white skin.

Yes, America − welcome to fascism. You've made it! Look - these kinds of people have always been around. In the highly successful 90s, when people were growing up, or finally taking their first serious steps into adulthood by doing things like buying houses and getting serious jobs, millions of Americans walked away from politics. We all turned out the light, we stopped paying attention, we stopped being informed, and we walked away. The problem with doing that is that people like Bundy - and those that use the Bundys of the world, like Hannity & Limbaugh do - are like cockroaches. When you turn out the light, they come crawling out. And their kind, like roaches, will never completely die off. So your job, as an American, is simple:

Keep the lights on. That's all.

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Even as Stephen Colbert begins getting ready to take over for David Letterman, and Randi begins to move on to her next adventure, we have to admit - Stephen has been good a LOT over the years. For example, in June of 2008, when Stephen and his team noticed that Sean Hannity, well... says something about America an awful lot.

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