Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Republican Party of Today via Randi Rhodes

If you ever wanted to know what a country looks like when it's being run by the nuts on right-wing radio and right-wing hate TV, just take a look around now.

Sean Hannity is hyping rumors that the feds might raid Clive Bundy's ranch and end up killing him, or what the people at Fox News refer to as a "ratings bonanza." These are the morons who are driving the agenda! Why? Because they have armed supporters. Welcome to 21st century American discourse, Tea Party style. If right-wingers aren't trying to control things with massive amounts of dark money, then they're trying to control things with armed militias. They're either going to outspend you, or outgun you.

Some people are worried that the federal government temporarily backing off in Nevada could embolden the militia types. Hello! They're in militias. They're already threatening federal employees with automatic weapons. It doesn't get much bolder than that. Saying that you don't want to embolden the militia people is like saying you don't want to destabilize Somalia. Too late!

Hopefully the situation has been defused. We don't need any more nuts walking around with guns and signs that misspell "martial law" as "marshal law." Really, is there anything scarier than someone with an automatic weapon and a misspelled sign? They're telling you "I'm armed, and I'm stupid!"

When he was facing long prison terms, suspected Kansas City shooter Glenn Miller turned federal informant against other white supremacists. Yes, he was a rat too! I guess he was a white rat. Miller testified against people in the White Patriot Party - one of the organizations that he founded! Here is a white supremacist whose supreme desire is just to save his own white skin. At least Glenn Miller isn't solely motivated by hatred. He's also motivated by fear and sleazy self-interest. Sounds like he'd be perfect in the executive suites of most major American media companies today.

How bad are some of these people? The white supremacist online hate forum Stormfront rejects Glenn Miller. Evidently they have standards beyond white skin. After Miller testified against fellow white supremacists, he was placed on Stromfront's blacklist. And you don't want to be on the blacklist of a white group.

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Republicans and so-called "Independents" - who are really just embrassed Republicans can make any claim they want. The fact is, the majority of the mass media today isn't liberal - it's right-wing slanted propaganda, that Republicans and corporatists support. What's more, that right-wing hate machine isn't harmless. It helps to create people like Frazier Glenn Miller, the racist who killed three people in Kansas City this weekend. If you know a Republican, point this out to them: Whether they like it or not, this is the face and voice of the GOP today. [WARNING: NSFW - LANGUAGE & HATE SPEECH]

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