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Flashback, July 2, 1964: President Johnson Adresses The Nation Before Signing The Civil Rights Act
President Obama On Equal Pay; Mika & Morning Joe Panel Discuss
Fox Refuses To Air President Obama's Equal Pay Signing Ceremony
Montage: Fox News Is Confused By "Equal Pay For Equal Work"
Limbaugh: "This Equal Pay For Women Thing" Is "Old Hat And Not Even Applicable Anymore"
GOP Spokesperson Asked What Republicans Are Willing To Do To Close Gender Pay Gap, Comes Up Empty
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) on CSPAN Tuesday: It's Time To End The Soft Bigotry Of Low Pay For Women
Bill O'Reilly: Uconn And Kentucky Basketball Riots A Result Of Steven Colbert's Grievance Industry
Fox's "The Five" Piles On Al Sharpton After Claims Sharpton Was An Fbi Informant
Sharpton Addresses The FBI Informant Claims: 'I Did The Right Thing'
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Civil Rights Today: Cause For Celebration Or Mourning?

President Obama, Other Presidents, To Honor Anniversary Of Civil Rights Act This Week
Many Doubt Civil Rights Act Could Pass Today
Lucy Baines Johnson On Civil Rights In America Today
How LBJ Saved The Civil Rights Act
What The Southern Strategy Was (Or Is)
How The Southern Democrats Become Republicans
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Republicans To Women: What Pay Inequality Gap?

President Obama Signs Measures To Help Close Gender Gap In Pay
GOP Spin on Paycheck Fairness Act
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Compares Democrats Efforts To Close Gender Pay Gap To Blowing 'A Few Kisses' To Women
Debunk: GOP Spokesperson, When Asked What Republicans Are Willing To Do To Close Gender Pay Gap, Comes Up Empty
Why The GOP Is Wrong About The Pay Gap
How We Know Women Make Less Than Men
Would Hiring More Federal Workers Help Close The Pay Gap For Women? Yes.
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Misogyny & Hypocrisy In Action

Married Louisiana 'Christian Conservative' Congressman Vance McCallister Caught Making Out With Low-Paid Female Staffer On Surveillance Video
McAllister To Ask For FBI Probe On Leaked Video
Husband On Kissing Congressman: 'He Has Wrecked My Life'
Woman Who Kissed Congressman Fired
Vance On The Issues: 'I Support Traditional Marriage!'
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Third-World America

Six Ways America Currently Looks Like A Third World Country
A Look At The Stats: America Resembles A Poor Country Right Now
Third World America, In Pictures: The Modern Day Poverty Of Kentucky Where People Live With No Running Water Or Electricity
Owsley County Kentucky - The White Ghetto: White, Poor, Republican - And Drug Addicted
Why Americans Are So Ignorant - It's Not Only Fox News, There Are Some Understandable Reasons For It
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Violent America

President Obama To Attend Fort Hood Memorial Service Wednesday
20 Students Stabbed At School Outside Pittsburgh
CDC Facts: Youth And School Violence
National Youth Violence Prevention Week: Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence Launches "Speak Up" Campaign To Save Lives
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A 'Marriage' From Hell

Comcast Defends Time Warner Cable Merger Plan In FCC filing
Time For Some Tough Questions About The Comcast-Time Warner Deal
The Backlash To The Comcast Merger Is Now Bipartisan
Why The Right Opposes The Comcast Merger
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Al Sharpton, FBI Informant? New Claims Revive '80s Mob Story
The 5 Most Shocking Revelations In Report Alleging Sharpton Was An FBI Informant
Al Sharpton: I'm No Snitch; FBI Informant Claims Are Crazy - And A Stretch
New Video From 2009, Shows Rand Paul Blasting Dick Cheney; Says Cheney Went To War To Make Profit For Himself And Halliburton
Nevada Range War Between Rancher And Bureau Of Land Management Is Getting Heated
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