Friday, April 25, 2014

Randi Rhodes Homework for April 25th 2014


Cliven Bundy Defends 'Negro' Comments In Incredibly Bizarre Press Conference
Cliven Bundy, With Alex Jones, Responds To NYTimes Report Of Bundy's Racist Comments
Bundy Denies Racist Remarks To Alex Jones - And Then Says Those Remarks; Thinks Blacks Might Have Been Happier As Slaves
Former House Republican Rep. Joe Walsh Agrees With Bundy "What Cliven Bundy Said Right There Is Not Racist"
Chris Cuomo's Interview On CNN With Bundy
CNN's Chris Cuomo Goes After Bundy Over Constitution
Hannity Responds To Bundy's Remarks On Fox; Claims To Be Disgusted
Fox Host Shuts Down Democrat Mentioning Bundy After Network Goes Silent On 'Negro' Remarks
Cliven Bundy's Nevada Congressman - African-American Democrat Steven Horsford - Notes That He And Bundy's Other Neighbors Don't Want Bundy's Militia Friends Hanging Around Anymore
Rachel Maddow: Historical & Radical Racist Context Missed In Media Hype Surrounding Bundy
Flashback 2012: Arizona Radio Host Barbara Espinoza - 'Obama Is A Monkey President'
Flashback 2009: Glenn Beck - Obama Hates White People
Flashback 2013: GOP Tea-Party Racism Resurfaces At Anti-Obama Town Hall Meetings
Flashback 2013: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) & Sarah Palin Attend Racist Anti-Obama Tea-Party Rally
Colbert Salutes Hannity For Bravely Standing Up For Cliven Bundy
Stephen Colbert: The Ballad Of Cliven Bundy
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The Company They Keep

Cliven Bundy, One Of Many: Another Conservative Folk Hero Exposes Right-Wing Racism
Conservatives Slow To Denounce Cliven Bundy Over Racist Comments
Why Are Conservatives Really Condemning Cliven Bundy? He Didn't Use Their Code Words.
The Definitive Guide To What Bundy's Biggest Supporters Are Saying Now
Michael Tomasky: Republicans Are Racists?! No! It's All Just A Big Coincidence (But Not Really)
Cliven Bundy's First And Last Media Rodeo
Why Nevada, Home Of Cliven Bundy, Abolished Slavery Twice
Which Bundy Said It: Cliven, Al, Ted, Or McGeorge?
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Just The Facts - Hate, Racism, & The Right In America

GOP Sets Small Goals For Black Voter Outreach In 2014
Just The Stats: The Economics And Demographics Of The African American Middle Class
Just The Stats: Black Home Ownership
Just The Stats: African Americans & Crime
Just The Stats: Black Owned Businesses Today
Just The Stats: Black Politics & Party Affiliation
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Inequality In America

Study Confirms: 4 Out Of 5 Americans Now On The Brink Of Poverty
Americans Are Getting Poorer; 80% Will Experience Some Economic Hardship In Their Lifetime
Rich Getting Richer: Gap Between 1% And 99% Deepens
Fast-Food CEOs Make 1,200 Times as Much as One of Their Workers—and They Want to Keep it That Way
Income Inequality Is Now A Major Barrier To Attending College, Once Again
In Florida Tomato Fields, A Penny Buys Progress - Group In Florida Enlists Companies To Press Tomato Growers For Better Conditions.
New Proposed Bill In California Aims To Reduce Disparity Between Ceo And Employee Pay
Girl Gives Michelle Obama Her Unemployed Father's Résumé
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Judge Strikes Down Arkansas Voter ID Law As Unconstitutional
At Event, Speaker John Boehner Mocks Whiny Repub Colleagues Who Keep Shying Away From Immigration Reform
Heritage Action Rips Boehner For Mocking Conservatives For Doing Nothing On Immigration Reform
John Nichols: Net Neutrality Will Be Saved Only If Citizens Raise An Outcry
For First Time In 15 Years, Drought Hits 100% Of California
Search For Missing Malaysian Plane May Take Years, Warns U.S. Official
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