Thursday, April 17, 2014

America Under Oligarchy via Randi Rhodes

The supporters of crazy cattle rancher Cliven Bundy are comparing him to everybody from Gandhi to Rosa Parks. Richard Mack, the lunatic ex-sheriff who wanted to use women as human shields, said Bundy's stance was just like "Rosa Parks refusing to get to the back of the bus." Not exactly - Rosa Parks didn't ride the bus for free for 20 years.

A writer at the conservative National Review magazine compared Bundy to Gandhi. That's a stretch. Gandhi spoke several languages fluently. Cliven Bundy doesn't speak any language fluently. Also, do you remember Gandhi's militia, walking through the streets of New Delhi, strapped with AK-47s, pushing the government around? Of course you don't - because Gandhi didn't have a militia.

Insane former sheriff Richard Mack is trying to backpedal on his remarks about putting all the women up front in case there was shooting in the Bundy cattle standoff. Right. You can't backpedal after you've gone off of a cliff. Mack had said they were "strategizing to put all the women up at the front." Finally — we have a conservative who is willing to acknowledge that women have some value. Now Mack says it was never "strategized." He says "the women just did it." Great! Now he's not only putting the women in mortal danger, he's blaming them for the fact that they are there.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the town of Marionville, Missouri says that suspected killer Frazier Glenn Miller is a friend of his and that that he shares his beliefs. But he doesn't approve of Miller's actions - or his methods of victim selection, I assume.

In other news, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern concludes that the United States is already an oligarchy - just like Russia! The study said "When a majority of citizens disagree with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose." And what the economic elites want is even more oligarchy!

Even the right knows it! American Enterprise Institute "scholar" and author Charles Murray says that "capitalism is in bed with government—big time." Capitalism is not only in bed with government, it has government handcuffed to the bed and it's getting out the whips. I might say it's getting kinky - but there's no safe word to stop it.

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America is already an oligarchy - and the studies say it's been that way since Ronald Reagan won the White House. Most Americans just hadn't noticed it until now. However, when even the far right-wing Wall Street Journal editorial page, and the conservative AEI member Charles Murray agree with us on the left, it's pretty hard for even the far right to claim that capitalism hasn't corrupted our government.

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