Wednesday, January 12, 2011

->> Grandma & Marriage Update

Lost? Read This 1st: Update to this:

Grandma is well enough 2leave the rehabilitation Center -not good 4her 2be around all that sickness @ 90yrs old.
Grandma cannot go live alone @ home with Broken Back, Alzheimer's, dementia, mixing up her medicine, etc-so we found a great place for her
the place she`s going, she gets her own apt. outside has a restaurant, kitchen that makes fresh cookies, everything is homemade & Living Room, Fireplace & Activities, they even have Wii
they make sure she gets her meds on time, they make sure she is clean, her teeth get cleaned, they keep her busy w/activities, the place smells good
in the main room all the people living there were dressed nice, active and all playing the Wi bowling. They have a Backyard with Picnic Tables, Grass & a BBQ - So when we visit her, we can BBQ for her if we wanted to -When I'm 90yrs old I wanna live there!

We are going to Slowly Move her stuff in her new Place. We know she will have a fit if she thought she was staying there. She really wants to go back home, but she cannot live alone any more. We entertained the idea of having someone move in with Grandma, but she needs a place that will give her Full Medical attention if Needed at anytime.
We also are afraid of the Vulture side of the family moving in with grandma just in an attempt to steal grandma`s house.
It will be difficult to break the news to grandma that she will not be able to live alone at home anymore.
All During this My Husband Roy, felt abandoned and Threatened me with Divorced, he Even put a Deposit on an Apartment for Himself, saying he was leaving by the 1st of Next Month!!! I was Like WTF??? I talked him into staying & try Marriage Counseling before he makes such a Rash Decision - he Agreed.
More to Come....Stay Tuned.

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