Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Florida Governor Rick Scott doubles down on his illegal purge of Democratic voters

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You need to know this. Get your lawsuits ready - the state of Florida announced on Monday that it is filing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice to gain access to a federal database of undocumented immigrants so the state can continue its illegal purge of Democratic voters. In response, the Department of Justice said it is suing the state of Florida for violating the Voter Registration Act and the Voting Rights Act by continuing its voting purge after the DOJ demanded the state stop last week.
Several county election supervisors in Florida - many of them Republicans - have come out against Governor Rick Scott's lawsuit - arguing that it's just an effort by the Governor and Secretary of State to improve their image. And every single local country election supervisor has refused to comply at a local level with Governor Scott's purge. A new poll shows a majority of voters in Florida oppose Governor Scott's purge - and his own approval rating has plummeted to 31%.
But Governor Scott knows what the rest of the Republican Party knows - and that's that polls don't matter - votes matter. And if enough Democratic voters can get kicked off the rolls - then Mitt Romney will win in November - and Governor Scott will be re-elected a few years after.
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