Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Class (Size) Warfare

Mitt Romney actually told a group of teachers that smaller class sizes don’t make for better learning. I wonder how big of a group it was. Hey Mitt, how would you like to try and make the same point to a group twice as large and unruly? Why are we even considering letting someone who went to an elite boarding school run our public education system? In his hearty, Mitt doesn’t believe the terms “public” and “education” even belong together. 

Mitt Romney’s campaign chairman, John Sununu is defending the “wisdom” of having fewer teachers. Some people never learn. And if Republicans have their way firing teachers, nobody will ever learn. Sununu said “people ought to stop jumping on” Mitt’s statement about teachers “and understand that there’s wisdom in the comment.” Ah yes! The “wisdom” of fewer teachers! Is that like the “democracy” of fewer voters? Got that America? Under the Republican scheme of things (and I do mean “scheme”), Fewer Teachers=Wisdom. That sounds like something George Orwell left off of the list of sayings like War=Peace, and Freedom=Slavery.

Florida and the federal government are suing each other over Rick Scott’s schemes to purge all the Democrats from Florida’s voting rolls. Rick Scott is trying to conduct an illegal purge of voters, and he’s suing the Feds for not helping him do it! That’s like eating the face of somebody and suing the cops for not bringing you some soy sauce to go with it.

A new poll shows that 49 percent of people believe that Republicans are deliberately stalling the economic recovery in order to hurt Obama. My only quibble is that they shouldn’t say 49 percent “believe” that. They should say 49 percent “realize” that.

Finally, officials are investigating what appears to be a pair of lungs found on a sidewalk in south Los Angeles. OK people, cannibalism is one thing, but wasteful cannibalism is even worse. Do like the Native Americans did with the buffalo—don’t kill someone unless you mean to make use of every part of the person!

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