Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Wisconsin D-Day

It’s decision day in Wisconsin. It all comes down to who votes. The fewer people who vote, the better for Republicans—and that’s why Republicans have made this entire process as distasteful as possible. Someone has been placing robo calls to likely anti-Walker voters and telling them they don’t need to vote. Can you think of a better reason to vote? Who is making these calls? I know this—if somebody is telling you that you don’t need to vote, chances are it’s a Republican. Suppressing Wisconsin voters is a necessary first step to suppressing Wisconsin itself.

The state of Texas is looking to purge some 1.5 million voters from the rolls, whether they’re eligible to vote or not. I believe the technical term for that is “pulling a Florida.” And if you look at Florida on a map of the US, you realize you may be tempted to pull it. I can see purging the voter rolls in Florida—Florida is a swing state. But Texas? Come on! Texas is already redder than John Boehner’s face two hours into happy hour.

Bill Clinton and President Obama appeared together yesterday at fundraisers in New York (video below). Clinton was president for some of the best times this country has known. Obama is president for some of the worst times this country has seen recently. In between was George Bush, who was the reason we went from best to worst.

Today the Senate is voting on a paycheck fairness bill to address pay discrepancies between men and women. If the Senate was like the rest of the country, Olympia Snowe would only be getting paid 77 percent of what Tom Coburn makes.

GOP budget vampire Paul Ryan is headlining a dinner with a “Madmen” theme. Paul Ryan kind of reminds me of Don Draper—he’s living in the 1960’s. OK, it’s not right to compare Paul Ryan to a fictional character. Donald Draper has a lot more depth, complexity, and real humanity than Paul Ryan. Maybe Paul Ryan should ask “Madmen” creator Matt Weiner to do something to humanize his character.

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Must see: Bill Clinton on President Obama’s accomplishments and the GOP’s intransigence...

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