Monday, June 11, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Blaming Teachers

Mitt Romney says that President Obama didn’t “get the message of Wisconsin.” According to Mitt, the message is that we have to get rid of more teachers, cops, and firefighters. I knew the message of Wisconsin was bad, but I didn’t think it was that bad. The real message of Wisconsin was that enough money from billionaires can convince people to do things against their own interests. But in a sense, that’s what Mitt Romney said too—that’s what Mitt’s entire candidacy says. The message of Wisconsin was very unclear. That’s because the voters of Wisconsin were very unclear about what was going on. That’s what $60 million in political advertising will do for you.

Mitt and other Republicans are attacking President Obama for saying that “the private sector is doing fine.” Of course the remark was taken out of context. Republicans have to take everything that President Obama says out of context, because the context he is speaking in is always that of a successful president who is leading this country through troubled times despite opposition from Republicans.

David Axelrod said that Mitt is “living on a different planet.” What gave it away? The fact that he thought the trees on this planet were the right height? You’d be surprised how many times, in his interplanetary travels, Mitt Romney has come across planets where the trees are completely the wrong height.

Republicans are attacking President Obama over jobs numbers. Yet last year they voted down his jobs plan... probably so they could attack him over jobs numbers. It’s hard for Republicans to attack the President over the job numbers when they voted against his jobs plan, but it would be even harder for them to attack him if the jobs numbers were all good. At least this gave them the opportunity to complain about President Obama’s jobs numbers to dumb and forgetful voters. And those are, after all, the Republican Party base.

Finally, Secretary of Commerce John Bryson is under investigation for possible felony hit-and-run after being involved in two car accidents. The way things have been going recently, I’m just relieved he didn’t try to eat anybody.

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Chart: Economists know that firing public workers after a recession is a recipe for failure. Under Ronald Reagan and both Bush's the gov't stepped up post-recession hiring to boost lagging demand in the economy, but under Obama the GOP is doing the exact opposite...

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