Friday, May 6, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Sour Grapes

It's Friday, ya bastids!

George Bush reportedly feels that President Obama is taking a “victory lap” in the aftermath of the operation to get bin Laden. Sorry George, but sometimes it’s hard for a person to avoid giving that impression… when they’ve had a huge victory. Bush is upset about Obama taking a “victory lap
”? Come on! With his “Mission Accomplished” banner and speech, George Bush took a victory lap when he hadn’t even come close to completing a lap, let alone getting a victory.

If George Bush gets upset when he looks around him and sees people doing things he couldn’t do… well then he must be very upset a lot of the time. The world is full of people constantly doing things that George Bush can’t do… like riding bicycles without falling off, or staying up past 9 p.m., or swallowing a pretzel without passing out.

Last night there was a debate among some of the GOP presidential hopefuls. The biggest question raised was “Are THESE really the GOP presidential hopefuls?” The debate was held in South Carolina, and carried on Fox News, which are the only two places on earth that this pathetic bunch could be taken seriously. Ron Paul came out for the legalization of heroin, but he might have just been trying to nail down the junkie vote. Paul tried to make the point that not everybody would start using heroin if it was legal. No, but I’m willing to bet that a lot more people would be tempted to use it if Ron Paul was running this country. Hey, if Ron Paul is running America, I need something to help me get at least as divorced from reality as Ron Paul is.

It’s come out that it was Bin Laden’s fifth wife who was shot in the leg during the raid. I don’t know the protocol here, but I’m thinking that taking a bullet is the responsibility of the first wife. In a pinch, maybe the second wife steps up to take a bullet for her husband. But the fifth wife? At the most they should be responsible for things like rides from the airport. Besides, if your man is getting himself into situations where people are trying to kill him, AND he’s got four other wives… maybe you’re just in a crappy relationship. Taking care of Osama bin Laden was a job for the Navy Seals. But taking care of his wife sounds like a job for Dr. Phil.

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