Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thom Hartmann: If we're going to put illegal immigrants in a "tent city" prison w/ a temp of 145 degrees - shouldn't the CEOs that hired them be there

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You need to know this. Inhumane conditions plague Sheriff Joe Arpaio's AZ's "tent-city" prison. On Saturday - temperatures at the outdoor prison housing 1,400 non-violent inmates shot up to 145 degrees - the hottest recorded so far this year.

To beat the heat - prisoners were given 6-ounce cups filled with ice to which one prisoner said, "They're doing this for the media attention. This cup isn't going to do anything." The media was indeed on hand to ask Sheriff Joe about the conditions that day - conditions that were causing inmates' shoes to melt.

If we really think that the best response to the undocumented immigrant problem in this nation is to create giant sauna-like jails, then let's at least put into those jails the CEOs who hire undocumented workers, thus drawing more and more of them into our country, and the Republican politicians who supported Reagan's 1986 amnesty and subsequent suspension of laws that allowed prosecution of CEOs for hiring undocumented workers.


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