Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Randi Rhodes: He`s Baaaaack!

Alan Grayson is back in the game! He announced his intention to run for congress again last night and will join us live in today’s second hour.

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Proving that they are 1) simply unfit to govern and 2) only able to sell their talking points to complete rubes that have no idea how government works, both John Boehner and Eric Cantor are now saying that raising the debt ceiling period IS the GOP’s compromise. When even the US Chamber of Commerce starts sounding the alarm over the GOP holding the nation hostage, it’s pretty clear that they guys have absolutely no intention of seeing the economy turn around before the next election.

While the House GOP engages in economic treason, 2012 presidential wannabe Michele Bachmann’s bigotry-for-profit ‘Christian Counseling’ enterprise is finally getting some media scrutiny. A hidden camera exposé shows that despite repeated denials, Bachmann & Associates does in fact engage in universally discredited pray-the-gay-away therapy. This revelation comes on the heels of Bachmann signing on to The Family Leader’s bizarre, highly-bigoted, slavery and Sharia Law invoking marriage pledge.

Meanwhile, it’s election day in Wisconsin as real Dems take on fake Dem GOP plants in the recall primary and in Southern California it’s the infamous “striper ad election” to fill Rep. Jane Harman’s seat. Also, an Arizona lawmaker points a loaded gun at a reporter, the tea-freaks go to war against energy saving light bulbs, and pizza guy/Muslim-hater Herman Cain’s 15-year old gospel album goes viral.

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Whoopi Goldberg goes off on The Family Leader’s marriage pledge on yesterday’s The View...

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