Thursday, June 24, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Thursday June 24th 2019

The containment cap on the BP’s oil volcano is back on after being off for most of yesterday. One of the undersea robots bumped the cap off yesterday. Well obviously nobody’s mother is in charge, or she would have told them to screw that cap on tight in the first place. There’s no more sure way of getting yelled at than not screwing a cap back on tightly before putting the milk back in the fridge or the toothpaste back in the cabinet. The robots are remote controlled by operators at the surface. 99 percent of the 11-year olds in America can operate video game controls like Glenn Gould at the keyboard. Why not get them to operate these robots? Hell, not only could most 11-year old kids operate those remote control robots… they’d do it while eating snacks and talking on the phone. And you couldn’t get them to stop for your life. If a kid can navigate his way around the world of Grand Theft Auto at breakneck speed, I’m sure they can maneuver an undersea robot without knocking the caps off of oil volcanoes. Hey, it even sounds like a video game. The oil has now made it to the beaches of Pensacola , Florida . Watching the spread of the spill is like watching the first half of a World War II documentary where they show the Japanese armed forces spreading out from Japan through the Pacific. The difference is that with a concentrated effort we stopped and reversed the spread of the Japanese military. Of course during World War II there were no Congressmen like Joe Barton apologizing to the Japanese. And this oil is going to stick around longer than those fanatical Japanese soldiers they were pulling out of the jungle 30 years after the war ended. Give credit to BP for multi-tasking. Even as they’re contaminating the Gulf of Mexico, they’re planning their next environmental catastrophe in Alaska . Hey, at least those emergency plans for dealing with oil-soaked walruses will finally come in handy. The drilling project is called project Liberty , I guess because project “Foul the Arctic ” didn’t make it past focus groups. This drilling project is exempted from the moratorium on offshore drilling because it’s based on an artificial island created by BP. That’s nice—now BP is actually creating new shorelines to contaminate.>>> MORE

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