Monday, June 14, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Monday June. 14th 2010

In South Carolina , the bizarre-even-for-South-Carolina saga of Alvin Greene continues to play out. Representative James Clyburn suspects Greene is a plant. Clyburn said on Sunday that there was “elephant dung all over the place” in regard to the Alvin Greene candidacy. Hey, South Carolina politics is a circus. You have to expect elephant dung at the circus. An interview on CNN with Alvin Greene got so bizarre that the interviewer asked Greene if he was OK. Alvin Greene was not talking like a guy who just won an election. He was talking like a guy who had just been rescued after 3 weeks adrift on the open sea. It’s bad enough that other South Carolina politicians are questioning Alvin Greene’s “mental status.” Hmmm… I think that’s a nice way of saying that Alvin Greene may suffer from “Michelle Bachmann Syndrome.
”President Obama is heading back to the gulf today for his fourth visit since the oil spill. He should just get a timeshare down in Grande Isle or one of those gulf vacation spots. I’m sure there are plenty of vacancies. I have a question: is it safe to expose the President of the United States to all these toxic chemicals so often? If President Obama spends much more time around this oil spill he’s going to end up as sick as some of the cleanup workers. Today Obama begins a two-day tour of Mississippi , Alabama , and Florida . Mississippi ? Bring a milk jug, Mr. President. If Haley Bar bour is right, you can just take all the spilled oil in Mississippi away with you. Heck, the folks in Mississippi would be so appreciative that you might win there come 2012.

President Obama plans to demand that BP create an escrow account to handle claims from the spill. Essentially Obama is trying to put someone between BP’s victims and BP’s lawyers. Senate Democrats have asked BP to set up an account of $20 billion. The infuriating part of that is that $20 billion is not a lot of money to BP. The more infuriating part is that they’re still going to fight it tooth and nail. BP wants to avoid any plan that that could create a potentially unlimited liability. Maybe they shouldn’t have caused a potentially unlimited catastrophe.

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