Sunday, October 28, 2018

Comments about: LBPD Backs 'Somali Pirates' in Business Hijackings

For those who want to know the true reasons that led to the closing of ACAPULCO INN, here's the first part of the story! I back everything that was said by Tracy Alcantar! Do not forget these names: GENE ROTONDO who used to own Legends, JEROME CHIARO owner of The Annex, TIM MORIARTY the wannabe bookie, and lastly, probably one of the worst human beings I've ever met in my life, JIMMY DUBOIS WEISER who owns both Brien O'Connors on Paramount blvd and THIRSTY ISLE on Carson and Lakewood. These guys are all WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING (except Jimmy Weiser, the whole world knows he's grimy). I'll post the second article too... Some of ya'll might know them and find what im saying either inappropriate and/or inaccurate. Hear me out.... I was the Manager of Acapulco Inn with Stevan H. during the most turbulent of times, until it officially closed this year on April 5th. I was present in court during the cross-examinations. I was there when Jerome Chiaro, John Austin, and Jimmy Weiser showed up and drilled through the deadbolt on the front door, not knowing that Hawaiian Bob and I had slept there because we anticipated these CRIMINALS trying to break back in.... Hell, I held Jimmy's short ass at the door while Bob called the cops.... all while John Austin was recording directly in front of me and Jerome Chiaro was across the street recording, hoping to get me on video laying hands on Jimmy (Yes Jerome, I Saw you) Funny thing about that situation, I actually have JIMMY hitting ME on camera!.... He lied to the Police about Tracy choking him, broke into A.I. like the criminal he is while the LBPD did absolutely nothing, and consistently used false paperwork to carry out his lil 'hostile takeovers' that the LBPD would enforce, WITHOUT A COURT ORDER .... Smh. Scum of the Earth, not worth anymore than the shit I take in the morning! #GoodMorning #ACAPULCOINN #BelmontShore #MorningCupofVAN


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