Monday, March 24, 2014

Who`s Really Feckless? Via Randi Rhodes

In the search for the missing airliner, Malaysia’s Prime Minister announced today that their "analysis" concludes that the flight path of Flight 370 "ended in the Indian Ocean." He said that the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch conducted the study that generated that conclusion. Really? Then please have the Brits announce it. After this mess? I wouldn’t believe my own words if they came from the Malaysian government.

Possible wreckage of the plane was sighted by satellite over the weekend, and has now supposedly been spotted by search planes. Searchers say they've even found a wooden pallet. Did anyone take any pictures of it? Examine it? Then how do we know the pallet came from the missing plane? Those pieces of trash are almost as common as propaganda in the U.S. media today. Looking for an old wooden pallet? Look in any abandoned lot, ditch, culvert, or riverbank. Wooden pallets are the most common large item of trash this side of rubber tires.

Speaking of propaganda trash, Fox contributor Erik Rush says that President Obama had the plane diverted to the U.S. base at Diego Garcia and had everyone on the plane "murdered." Well so much for Obama being "weak" and "feckless!" Tell me this, Erik - Was Obama wearing "mom jeans" when he murdered all of these people?

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is attacking President Obama for "faulty judgment about Russia's intentions." Tell us again about the extent of your foreign policy experience, Mitt. Isn't it mostly finding foreign countries to hide your money in? Mitt said, "I think effective leaders typically are able to see the future to a certain degree." Well then, it's funny how the results of the election really seemed to creep up on you, Mitt.

On a positive note, on Sunday, Obamacare turned four years old! Unfortunately, somebody still has to convince Republicans that it’s too late to strangle it in its crib!

The Republicans have been trying for the last four years to get rid of Obamacare. I would say that they’re tilting at windmills, but they want to get rid of windmills too! The Republicans in the House have voted on repealing Obamacare 51 times. I can't honestly say that number is correct, though — in the time it took me to type that, they may have voted a 52nd time.

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