Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Who they Really are - via Randi Rhodes

Everyone knew it would happen - One of the jurors on the Dunn trial is speaking out. It’s a juror who wanted to convict, so she is essentially telling the world "we weren’t all idiots." As it turns out, very few of them were idiots, but then it only takes one. In this case, at first two and then three jurors refused to convict on the murder of Jordan Davis. So at one point, 10 out of 12 jurors wanted to do the right thing. That’s actually not too bad for a state that elected Rick Scott governor. However, jury verdicts have to be unanimous. So it’s really hard to come up with a correct and unanimous verdict in a state with so many idiots.

In his jailhouse phone calls, killer Michael Dunn compared himself to a rape victim. Of course, I’m waiting for the phone call where he compares what happened to him to the Holocaust. Among rightwing professional victims, the three basic touchstones are to compare your situation to the Holocaust, to rape, and to slavery. It’s the victimhood hat trick.

Ever wonder what the 1 percent do behind closed doors? A reporter went undercover to a gathering of a Wall Street secret society in 2012. It turns out that "The Wolf of Wall Street" was soft pedaling what really goes on. 200 of the richest investors in the world got together to eat foie gras and perform sketches mocking the 99 percent. And we thought they didn’t even know we existed! They not only know about us, they find our struggles hilarious!

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is running for governor, is out campaigning with Ted Nugent. That's right after Nugent called President Obama a nazi-relate slur, a "subhuman mongrel." But I’m sure there were other reasons that Abbot wanted Nugent aboard than just that.

The state of Kansas, having failed to pass their law legalizing discrimination against gay people, is now pushing a law to allow harder spanking in schools. I’m not sure what they’re after—they just seem determined to hurt somebody! The bill allows up to 10 smacks hard enough to leave marks and bruising. My God, it sounds like some sort of rule book for whippings in the British Navy in the year 1800.

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It's always best to give credit where it's due and the team at The Daily Show - especially Jessica Williams - nailed how screwed up the Michael Dunn trial is, and how pissed off some Americans are. If you missed her awesome rant, check it out:

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