Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Watch: Sen. Warren Reveals the REAL Reason Republicans Won’t Raise the Minimum Wage

Have you ever wondered why, even when faced by the most convincing evidence and the clearly struggling working class, Republicans refuse to even consider a much-needed raise in the minimum wage?
Well, wonder no more, because middle-class warrior and Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, reveals the answer in this powerful video.
So what is the real reason behind John Boehner and the Tea Party House of Representatives’s refusal to do what is right by the American worker?
As Warren states in the video: “Who would be opposed to it? Why would we not have a minimum wage raise? Why would we want people working two or three jobs? Why would anyone to give workers a disincentive to work because working isn’t enough to keep your family out of poverty? And the answer is, because it may, it just may….”
Please watch the video below to find out, and spread Senator Warren’s timely truth on social media forums.

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