The latest right-wing screaming point is about debt and the deficit - which is exactly the wrong topic for them.

The Romney campaign and their right-wing sycophants are screaming once again - right before the election - that President Obama is the one responsible for the majority of the nation's debt and deficits.

Leaving aside the fact that debt and deficits are not the same thing, the facts, as Team Randi has outlined them previously, prove Romney and his friends are once again screaming for no reason - on both debt and deficits.
As the chart above outlines, the debt that America currently has is overwhelingly the fault of the previous administration, as the CBPP recently outlined

On the deficit, the Obama Administration also has the upper hand. As the U.S. Treasury Department announced on October 12, the deficit is smaller than it was when Obama took office. In fact, as Steve Benen notes, the U.S deficit is the smallest it's been in four years - since the Bush administration. In fact, the deficit has decreased over $200 billion just since last year!
The facts are clear. The Obama Administration has been tackling both the debt and the deficit these last four years. It's too bad the Republicans in Congress - who claim to care about deficits and the debt - haven't been willing to put actions behind their words.