Thursday, February 24, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Governor Punking

Hour One Guest: Ian "David Koch" Murphy, editor in chief of and the man behind the prank call to Gov. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker fell for a prank phone call (listen). Just how dumb is this guy? They should have seen how far they could have pushed that envelope. Ask him if his refrigerator is running. The important thing is that this prank phone call exposed the pranks Scott Walker is perpetrating on the people of Wisconsin. A website editor pretending to be billionaire David Koch got Governor Walker to talk to him for 20 minutes. You think that would be a clue for the governor right there. The real David Koch wouldn’t have 20 minutes to waste on a minor lackey like Scott Walker. He’s got toilet paper factories to run.

Scott Walker was supposedly not taking calls from anyone when he took this 20 minute phone call from someone he thought was David Koch. Well, maybe he’s not taking calls, but he is evidently taking orders. I’m not surprised that Walker took this call. I’m surprised he doesn’t wear an ear-piece so he can receive minute-by-minute instructions from the Koch brothers. When the fake David Koch suggested “planting some troublemakers” among the union protesters, Scott Walker admitted “we thought about that.” Of course since he thought he was talking to David Koch, it wasn’t really “admitting.” It was more like two co-conspirators talking. Walker was willing to consider planting people to provoke trouble among a peaceful crowd of protesters with their kids in strollers. That’s because conservatives have a lot to fear from peaceful protest, but a lot to gain from a riot.

A former attorney general of Wisconsin says that Scott Walker may have engaged in violations of ethics laws, election laws, and labor laws. Throw in the law of unintended consequences, too. This could require an inquiry from Wisconsin’s ethics accountability agencies… hopefully before Scott Walker de-funds all of them. Right now, Wisconsin state government is accountable only to the Koch brothers.

By the way, when the Koch impersonator said MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski is a fine piece of ass, Governor Walker didn’t object. Maybe he was just being deferential to David Koch, but I think that Walker would have spoken up if Koch was talking about how nice Joe Scarborough’s ass is.

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