Friday, March 26, 2010

Love Letter to my Playboy Peeps & To All My Other Peeps as well!!

I don`t know if you heard but the Other Day, Robert Culp (I Spy, American Hero, etc) Died -I had the honor of knowing him -I was a fan of his b4 I met him over 8yrs ago -he was a regular frequent guest of The Playboy Mansion & a really good friend of Hef`s. He was a really kind, charming, sweet man. He would drink his Oduls (non-alcoholic beer) and talk about his animal rights activity -I regret not talking to him more. Just like Don Adams of Get Smart -Don would always comment on how much food I could eat -he thought it was disgusting -he was funny & witty -LOL! I feel so blessed on knowing the people I know -I love them all -they have such interesting & rich histories. I really need to ask more questions & Talk to them more. I can learn alot from their experiences.
I put my foot in my mouth alot though. Once I watched a movie Called 'Cat Ballou' with Rachel Welch -I made the mistake of gushing about how much I moved this B-Movie - well - I did not know it at the time that I was talking to Elliot, who Directed the Film and he quipped back at me that it WAS NOT A B-movie -oops....I was soooo ashamed -I really didn`t mean any dis-respect -I just always thought that Rachel Welch ONLY made B-movies -it wasn`t a put down of the movie. That made me learn to be more careful on what I say & to be more aware on who I am talking to. You can imagine that OJ, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson etc... maybe a poor subject matter as well @ The Playboy Mansion. Egg Shells indeed.
However with these past deaths-this is a reminder that I really need to show my appreciation more to the people in my life!
I just never want to 'bug' anyone or be like a Fan or stalker -but I am very interested in their stories. Some of the people that go to the mansion -I have no idea what they do for a living. I am so bad at recognizing people and there is a lot more people that work behind the scenes to where their looks or names would never be recognized. For the past 9 years I have just been on the surface of things . I am terrible at remembering names -I even forget names of the guests & Playboy Employees that I a very close to. I feel embarrassed to ask knowing that it might offend them since we are so close and for so many years. I need to get over that and just come clean.
I need to be a better friend. I need to pay more attention. I am tired of being just an 'extra' in life. Time to get involved, ask questions, learn, live, love, etc, More. I do not want to regret anything. I am tired of letting being shy, self-conscious, or even a having a poor memory as an excuse. I need to stop taking my blessings for granted!
For all the people that are in my life reading this - I may not show it at times - I may seem aloof -I may act like a brat -I maybe Quiet -I may say or do stupid things- I may even forget your name -which is Bad - but no matter what - I want you to know that I do appreciate you, I love you and I am soooo soooo Very Happy to know you & have you in my life!!
oxox Stacy

March 28th 2010: I just got back from the Playboy Mansion -Johnny Crawford came up & told me -that it was NOT Rachel Welch but it was Jane Fonda in the movie Cat Ballou!! OMG -I slithered fro the mansion pronto -to much egg on my face to stay -I apprecite Johnny telling me -OMG - I can`t believe That!!!!


星美 said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

Margie said...

Very sweet and humble post.
I think it's natural to forget names and stumble sometimes when you are surrounded by so many people with rich and in depth histories.