Friday, January 8, 2010

My Normal Daily Routine

6am: Get up -turn on TV to Good Day LA - Turn on Computer
- make Roy`s Tea -make my Mud Coffee
(My Mud Coffee Recipe: Crush up 2 Women`s Day Vitamins, place in coffee filter, add 2 scoops of powder fiber, 6 full rounded tablespoons of Black Silk Coffee & a few shakes of Cinnamon -add about 4 cups of Sparkletts water -brew -makes 2 tall cups of strong coffee -I then add 3 slenda sugar substitute packets to my cup & a dash of my sugar free creamer of the day (my fav is Bluberry Cobbler) -enjoy- yum FYI: I only have one tall cup of Coffee -the 2nd one I save for the next day -I love the taste of Day Old Coffee- taste stronger the next day!)

Call out for my cats -open can of cat food -give each one one scoop each in their own cat bowls (they have dry food out all the time -the wet food is their special treat. It is good to have them on a routine & I do a special call out to them to train them to come to me when I make this call)

I put away the clean dishes that I washed the night before.
I make Roy`s Lunch for him to take to work & put it in his Lunch Box.
(Roy`s Lunch usually is: Cottage Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg, Fresh Fruit , Veggies-either Celery, Radishes, Spinach, etc, Trail Mix & a small packet of Healthy gummi treats)

While Roy is in his bathroom getting Ready -I go into my own bathroom & Clean Up.
I then go onto Computer - Check My Emails, Etc. Until it is time to take Roy to Work.

7-7:30am: Drive Roy to Work
On my way home, I may stop at Grocery Store.
If I have a Shoot -I get Ready for My Shoot & Leave.
If I do Not have a Shoot -I do alot of my Internet Work (which is a lot!), Update Sites, Pay Bills, Do my Avon Sales, Do Errands, Clean House, Get Dinner Stuff Ready, Jog, Exercise, Do Domestic Chores, etc.
I usually have the TV on in the background while I am home.
Shows of Choice: Good Day LA, Dr. OZ, TMZ, The Wendy Williams Show & The Food Network.

4:30-5:30pm: Pick up Roy from Work
Roy goes to Gym -I make Dinner.
If Monday -Roy does not go to Gym -Monday Nights are our Monday Night Dinner with The Wack Pack. I usually prepare/Cook dinner all day. The guys come over around 6pm.
During Summer/Spring: we eat/BBQ outside then come inside and watch a Movie.
During Fall/Winter: we eat inside & The Guys watch Football.

Tuesdays -Thursdays: When Roy comes back from the Gym (around 7pm) -we eat dinner,
Then goes into his Man Cave & checks his emails.
When he is done -we sit and watch our TV Favorite Shows & Cuddle our Kitties.

We usually go to bed around 10pm -since we wake up at 6am.
We usually always have the TV on all night. It helps me put my brain asleep. If I have no TV, I start to think about things & will not sleep. The TV distracts my brain so I can sleep.

Friday Nights & Saturday Nights we usually go to Murphy`s, a local Pub we all hang out at.....unless there is an Event to attend.

Sundays: I usually go to The Playboy Mansion, hang out with my Playboy Peeps, watch a Movie, Chat, etc.
Roy sometimes comes with me, but usually Roy goes to Murphy`s and watches Sports with the Guys.
On Sunday That`s Cool because I hang with mostly Girls -so it`s my 'Girl Time' -and- Roy hangs mostly with his Boys -so it`s his 'Guy Time' -so it works out. great!