Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Friend Raymond

I have a Guy friend that I have known for over 10years that I will call Raymond (not his real name). I met him at a model Convention. He was a Fan of one of my fellow Models. Every year he would come to most of all my conventions. He would hang out, help me if I needed anything, watch my booth for me if I needed to go to the Restroom or grab a bite to eat.
A few years ago he came to visit me on my birthday, I invited him to my surprise birthday party that my husband was throwing for me....hehe....yep you heard correct.....I knew he was throwing a surprise birthday party for me, but I pretended like I didn`t know.
After awhile Roy, all of Roy`s Friends (The LBC Wack Pack) be-friend-ed my Friend Raymond. Now Raymond is one of The Wack Pack. Raymond comes over every Monday for Our weekly Monday Night Dinners that I host. Raymond also comes out to our many outings and events. However he is usually broke, but that`s no biggy, since most of us are broke right now as well -so most of our events are frugal. Raymond says he is a 5th grade sub-teacher, but I doubt he works much if at all.
There are a lot of concerns we have with Raymond but do not know how to bring them up. One of the things -well, the biggest thing is, Raymond is usually always very dirty and stinks a lot.....I don`t mean just a little...I mean he REALLY Stinks! There is no way that I can bring it up to him, me being a girl, he would get too embarrassed, ashamed and disappear....I know him well enough that I know He would do that.
Once when Roy & I went on vacation, Raymond stayed in our house to house-sit & watch our cats. He did not stink that much then.....he used our shower but his clothes were still dirty. I`m thinking, he might not have access to a Shower all the time. We suspect that he lives in his car. Raymond`s car is extremely dirty and cluttered. I dropped him off at his 'home' once, but he insisted that I drop him off at a park nearby. I didn`t want to pry -so I did.
Roy & I want to help him, but we do not want to embarrass him either. The guys are complaining about his smell, it is getting worse. It is almost unbearable and I doubt it is healthy for him to be so dirty & stinky. I have to clean & scrub the house after he leaves. I cover the couches in towels that I wash right after he leaves.
I think it would be best that Roy have a one-on-one talk with Raymond.....but Roy needs to be careful in his words......I don`t want Raymond to be so embarrassed that he doesn`t come back.
I told Roy that Raymond is welcomed to come and use our shower and I will wash one set of clothes for him once a week, like maybe Monday before Monday Night Dinner.....but we need to approach this Carefully. Since it is Christmas time, I think I`m going to buy him a New Shirt, Shorts, Undies and Socks. I`ll ask him to try them on to see if they fit.....then take his dirty clothes and wash them. What do you think- you think it will work?


nicolecailey said...

Girl I think u got this all figured out. u have such a caring and loving heart and im sure thats what has made him stick around this long. i can tell u dont want to hurt him in anyway so i think that the new clothes idea is perfect!! that way he thinks hes just getting gifts and yall get good fragrance lol. maybe bring up helping him get a job or help him apply or something that away he wont be so embarrassed when he comes around. he obviously loves ur fam and he prob doesnt even know he smells cause of his situation. i think u got this!! u know what u want to aviod and u know what u want to accomplish. good luck girl and hope i helped a little lol im bad about giving advice lol.

jeff said...

sounds like a plan to me...make him feel better, definitely smell better, just tell him anytime he wants to use the shower or clean up before dinner, make sure you maybe have some sweats or something, buy them at walmart, they are comfy. maybe have hubby talk to him about work..or help him find work. I know it is tough out there, i was out of work for over a year, i finally found one..bless you stacey and your hubby for caring so much. merry christmas and a better and happy 2010.